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Welcome to SPChart Homepage

SPChart Overview

SPChart is free software to plot S-paramters. The motivation of developing this software is that I cannot find a free tools to do such things.

SPchart is still under developing and now it has such features:

  • support SnP files from S1P upto S9P
  • only support 4 port mixed mode s-paramters
  • export chart to eps, emf, pdf, png, ps, svg format
  • phase functions
  • TDR(not applied in this version)


SPChart is base on Python, Numpy and Matplotlib. It is also compiled to exe file by py2exe and packaged to a insaller by Inno Setup.

If you want run SPChart as python script, please install python, numpy and matplotlib first, I recommand to use Python(x,y) package with everthing together. Otherwise, you can use compiled exe format without any libarays pre-installed.

SPChart was developed and tested on Windows XP platform only.

Evaluate the accuracy

SPview is commercial(not-free) software, can be use to compare with SPChart. Sample S4P file download.

Single Mode

Plot the magnitude in dB:

  • SPChart curves

  • SPview curves


Mixed Mode

Caculate from single-ended s-paramters, plot the magnitude in dB:

  • SPChart curves

  • SPview curves


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